Our Vision

To produce first-class dairy products from the finest Einsiedeln mountain milk.

At Milchmanufaktur Einsiedeln, we want to create the finest dairy products and regional speciality cheeses from our local milk. Discover and taste our products in our restaurant or visit the Cheese Paradise counter in our shop so that you can continue to enjoy them at home.

The Project

In 2009, a group of Einsiedeln farmers, together with the Einsiedeln Regional Development Association, launched the idea of a local milk-processing plant. Since then, they have worked tirelessly to develop and implement their plan.

The first important milestone was the founding of Milchmanufaktur Einsiedeln AG in spring 2012. More than 60 farming-families and other interested parties decided to share a piece of their homeland with the local population.

In May 2015, it was time: Milchmanufaktur opened its doors and celebrated its inauguration with a huge opening ceremony. You can now watch our Master Cheesemakers at work from our viewing-ramp or from the restaurant. Our in-house Regio Shop offers a selection of Milchmanufaktur‘s own products, as well as a wide-range of other regional and artisanal specialities.