Under the direction of Dominik Schmidt, our master cheesemakers make mountain cheese, soft cheese, cream cheese and yoghurt from our naturally-produced Einsiedeln mountain milk. They are passionate about what they do and use small-batch production and the best flavours to ensure that each product has a unique character. We fundamentally avoid the use of e-numbers in the manufacture of all of our products.

For the distribution in the USA a selection of our Products is available under the label "Swiss Abbey". Our Partner Caroline Hostettler from Quality Cheese is available for questions for the US-Market. The distribution is done by Worlds Best Cheese.

Hay Milk

All of our semi-hard and hard cheese products are made from Einsiedeln hay milk. The cows owned by our hay milk farmers eat grass from our alpine pastures in summer and straw (dried grass) in winter. This is the traditional way to get the best milk. The cows have lots of space in the pastures and in their stalls, meaning that they are quite contented. The farmers who use this method to produce milk cut the grass on the pastures in summer and dry it so that the cows can also enjoy it in winter. To ensure the best hay for the winter, farmers rely on good weather, lush grass and a large barn.

Compliance with these and other practices and regulations ensures the welfare of both man and cow. Hay milk is a first-class raw material for full-flavoured milk products and cheeses. These products are high in Omega-3 fatty acids and are manufactured in regional commercial dairies throughout Switzerland.

Hay milk is natural, pure and traditional! For more information see