Committed to Tradition

For hundreds of years, cows have been nurtured and the meadows and pastures tended in the high valleys above Lake Sihl. The first reports of milk manufacturing and cheese production in the monastery village are equally as old. Local farming is very dear to our hearts, therefore we endeavour to safeguard the best interests of the local farming families, as trusted and fair partners.

Einsiedeln Mountain Milk, the Pride of our Farmers

Einsiedeln mountain milk is a healthy, tasty staple direct from the countryside. Our cows have names, we adhere to the highest standards of animal welfare and use only genetically-unmodified feed. At Milchmanufaktur, we want to give milk the respect it deserves. It is farmed on our doorstep and should be affordable for all.

Products with Character

At Milchmanufaktur, we use the best Einsiedeln mountain milk to produce regional specialties by hand and with great attention to detail. Our team combine nature and taste, using only natural ingredients and avoiding all artificial preservatives. The cooperation between Sommelier and Master Cheesemaker ensures that our mountain milk specialities offer an authentic culinary experience.