Saint Benedict Cheese

The Saint Benedict Bergmutschli Cheese was one of the first products that Milchmanufaktur developed and produced. The mild Bergmutschli is made from our Einsiedeln hay milk and refined by our cheesemakers. After a maturation period of around four weeks, it is ready to eat and makes its way to our local cheese counters before arriving at your table.

Our mild Mutschli is a semi-hard cheese produced from thermised milk and has 45% fat in dry matter. It is a good breakfast or teatime cheese but is actually best enjoyed with a good glass of wine.

On our Make Your Own Cheese Tour, you can come and make a Bergmutschli, together with an Alphütten Cheese, which you can enjoy at home after a maturation period of one month. Will your Mutschli be as good as that of our cheesemakers…? Why not come and find out!

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